Steve Kilbey
Paintings in pastel and gouache
Sydney Australia

Steve Kilbey Art Birthday Sale!

In honour of Steve's birthday, we are having a sale on original paintings, commissions, prints and cards on September 14 & 15*.

- 20% to 40+% off all original paintings on the site (this doesn't include commissions);

- commissions booked during the sale will be 10% off;

- prints will range from $25 to $50 (a few may be lower);

- greeting cards will be $3.33 each.

In addition, a selection of older paintings has been added to the site for this sale. These paintings will be very attractively priced.

The gallery pages marked 1) Original Paintings and 2) Early Paintings have all the original paintings currently for sale (you can also buy prints and cards of those paintings there).

The site is being updated over the weekend, so if you don't see everything mentioned here, keep checking back.  Also, if anyone experiences any problems with the website or the sale prices, please email Holly at   Also feel free to email me with any questions you have about the art or sale.

And, remember, there is an extended payment plan (aka layaway or layby plan) which can help with budgeting.
* as long as it's the 14th or 15th of September anywhere in the world the sale is on.

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