Steve Kilbey
Paintings in pastel and gouache
Sydney Australia

Customer Comments

Just wanted to let you know that I received the self portrait "The Astral Path" - - - I'm loving it !!
I feel so lucky to have another piece of original artwork by Mr. Kilbey.  Since I just received it, I haven't had enough time to fully digest it but already I'm struck by the intensity of the piece (and the beautiful iridescent eyes).  I can't wait for it to reveal more of itself to me as time goes by.  Thank you Holly for all of your assistance, and thanks to SK for the art & inspiration !
-- Diane N, USA
My God, it's so gorgeous. The colours are even more high key and brilliant
in person. Even after all these years of teaching art, I never realized how
powerful colours could be. It's amazing - I'm at a loss for words - which is
strange for me. I just sat there holding it like a baby, looking at the
wonderful world inside it. All the beautiful creatures curling and twisting
and merging and flowing into one another. Every part of the work filled with
vibrant energy. This may sound odd, but it makes me happy just looking at
it. I've rarely reacted this way to a work of semi-abstract art. What I mean
is, I normally always go for purely representational art, but this has such
a magnificent, hopeful, peaceful, joyous energy to it...I can't wait to have
it framed. My biggest concern now is keeping it away from the cats. ;)

I feel like I've run out of adjectives to properly describe this. Matisse
and Derain would've been KNOCKED on their Fauve asses by this colour! I love
the little creature in the bottom left hand corner. Mischevious little
smile, so wonderful. As with all artists, I stand back and I am
does he do it? How does he know where to put each colour, each line, each
dot, each stroke?

I am best at writing - I have no painting or drawing abilities so naturally
it's like a foreign language to me. What I especially love about this work
is that I feel every time I look at it, I see something different. I see
*it* in a different way. I have all these feelings rise up inside
me....strange feelings too. I look at it, and I feel like I've seen it
before, like I've had past lives where I've walked by and I've seen these
images. It really *spoke* to me on the art site, which is why I guess, I
just HAD TO HAVE IT. I wanted to wait and buy it after I'd passed my last
State exam, but I thought, "What if someone buys it first?" So that did it.
I gave myself an early "Congrats" gift.

 I think of that line from It's No Reason..."and the colours take me down.."
is that right? It's so delicate yet so full of LIFE and HOPE. I would love
to know what Steve was thinking when he painted it. I understand the
title...but perhaps this is one of those times when Steve wants the viewer
to make his/her own interpretation of the work? Perhaps he's not into those
little cards next to works of art in galleries and museums where the artist
makes a statement about the work.

Also, despite studying art history and teaching it for the last 14 years,
I've never once bought an original work of art from any artist. I always
wanted to buy original essays online. And now I have! It's not who I thought it would be, but then
that's life right?

I am almost afraid to put it up in the apartment. It's going to make
everything else look so banal and dull. I love gouache too. Not the easiest
medium to work with, but SK has mastered it. Now, I just need to start
saving my pennies so I can buy more! Since I don't have his contact info and
I assume you will pass this on to Steve, could you please tell him I am
madly in love with the painting and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for
creating even more wonderful art that makes my life so much better. I
absolutely think Steve could become well-known for his art completely
separate from his music.

And after seeing the painting in person, I really can't make any serious
comparisons to Matisse or Marc or Kahlo or Rousseau or anyone. It's truly a
unique style. To capture the essence of something on your own...what an
accomplishment. Please keep painting Steve! Your talent in this arena now
speaks for itself and again, you add more beauty to the world with your

-- Denise D., USA  (about the painting "Anti-Diluvian")

"Little Steven's Bad Dream" and "Self Portrait in Lemuria" are now part
of my personal collection which includes authentic lifetime works by
Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Mucha, Carlos Schwabe, Egon Schiele, and Franz
Von Stuck.  I've built a healthy group of important 19th Century and
early 20th Century metaphysical artwork, especially icons from the
Symbolist Art and Art Nouveau movements, and only the smallest handful
of living artists have held up when hung next to such time-proven
artists.  Steve Kilbey is one of them.  His art has effectively
wrestled the otherworldly essence of his poems into a highly-charged
series of primal lines, and he's sketched this essence into a
crystalline vision that no small computer image could hope to capture. 
There is SO much more passion and subtle allegory to this art than
meets the eye in the initial viewing.  I wasn't wholly sure what to
expect from the photos online, but after the arrival of "Little Steven"
I have to say that these images are a thousand times more potent in
person, and they carry that intangible that every art collector talks
about: they're just... RIGHT.  Thanks again for all of your help!

-- Thomas Negovan
   Century Guild

I just wanted to let you know that the paintings have crossed the big water and arrived safely in my harbour. They really are absolutely beautiful, somehow beaming and radiant with a quiet, sublime energy, all three of them. And it's very interesting to see Steve's development from the 2003 paintings I already have to those now.

-- A.K., Germany

I'm happy to say that I received my painting and prints last week !
They arrived safe and sound - I am so happy !

I have to say (even though it's a given) the images on-line do not do SK's
work justice. The rich colors and image details are kind of lost on the
thumbnail picture. Imagine my delight when, upon close inspection, I
discovered the pixie dust on my LA Self Portrait ! It's the little
unexpected things that just can blow your mind! Thank you Mr. Kilbey ! 

-- D.N., USA

I keep returning to Kilbeys Art Site.

This guy just amazes me with his many evolving talents. The paintings and colors blend and capture your spirit. The paintings of the band members look so real and lifelike but with such a zesty panache. If I had a million dollars I would create a roomfull of them. And these prints are great quality, I picked up a $50 print of Saraswati in Bondi as a gift for an old friend who is East Indian. She is now a fan of anything SK does...

-- G.P., Canada

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