Steve Kilbey
Paintings in pastel and gouache
Sydney Australia

The Judgement of Paris

1) Original Paintings
Original paintings currently for sale


2) Early Paintings
Early original works for sale. All are from 2003 & 2004. No prints or cards are available for these pieces.

Self Portrait -- Absinthe

3) Self Portraits -- Prints and cards


Art Imitating Life

4) CD and Booklet art -- Prints and cards
Art from CDs from The Church, Jack Frost, Mimesis, and Gilt Trip

The Ice Mare

5) Other Prints and cards

Vishnu In Bondi

6) Gods and Devils -- Prints and cards
Various religious and mythical figures


The Vegetalista

7) June 2008 Exhibit
The Empty Place: A Modern Australian Psychedelic Vision

SK in Lemuria Pink

8) Art Man and Technology Exhibition April and May 2009
Art, Man and Technology Exhibition. April and May 2009 at the 15 Minutes Gallery of the Pittsburgh Technology Council, Pittsburgh, PA

The Witches Knowledge

9) Archive
All these originals are sold and there are no prints or cards available.


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